Interview With Sally (FAQ's)

We’ve tried somewhere else and didn’t like it, why should we choose you?

At DDTA we pride ourselves on being from different from other dance schools. We believe in positive encouragement and that every child should receive the attention they deserve. We know the importance of having a good relationship with both pupil and parent and practice an ‘open door’ policy.

We don’t just offer dance classes, with our own devised achievement books, what’s app groups & regular parent presentations your child will soon become the confident child you wish them to be.
Our aim is for each child to reach their full potential and our professional standards and pure passion for teaching dance ensures that everyone gets to experience this.

Confident people, long lasting friendships and Happy Memories are created here …..

My child is extremely shy, are we allowed to stay?

We do not allow parents to stay in the room as in our experience we have found that children settle much better and faster without their parents there. With parents in the room it becomes a distraction for the class as they tend to run back to you and also expect you to be there every week.

Our aim is to build children’s confidence and help them to become happy and independent, helping them to prepare for commencing school.

I’m worried my child will get upset, how do you handle them if they cry?

Being a parent myself I understand your worries, and yes we have experienced this many times.
In the room there is not only the teacher but also student helpers, these are the older pupils of the school.

You will see from when you arrive that we are all a very friendly and approachable team, who will nurture and take care of every child like they are our own.

Yes sometimes children do get upset upon new situations and environments, it’s only natural, but with a gentle hand and an understanding voice, they soon settle.

You are able to wait outside in the car and if we are unable to settle them we can always come and get you.

The calmer and more confident the parent is to leave their child, the easier the child finds it. This is a way to help them get ready for going to school.

We have a few mums that have had a struggle with tears when leaving their children (including their own tears) and their children are now coming to dancing and loving every minute, growing more and more confident every time.

My child wants to start dancing but I’m not sure which style/class to choose?

We offer FREE TRIALS to everyone which means you can you can ‘try before you buy’ , you can try as many styles as you wish to ensure your choosing the right class/es for you or your child.

Does my child have to take dancing exams?

No however we do encourage children to take their dancing exams but only when they are confident and ready. It is important that children attend regularly in order to learn the necessary exercises and routines. It is a real sense of achievement when they receive their certificates and awards.

Does my child have to take part in the school show?

Once again we do encourage everyone from age 4 upwards to take part in the show as this is a great opportunity for parents to see just how much their child has progressed. It is also helps to build your child’s confidence and experience performing on a real stage.

If you do not wish your child to part they can still attend classes as they continue to benefit from learning the show routines. The shows are performed every two years and we raise funds for local children’s charities.

Is the school open through the holidays?

The school runs alongside the North East Derbyshire’s Term time. We are closed 7 weeks out of the year (these weeks are not included in the payment packages) During the Summer Break we close the last week of July (1st week of school holiday) then throughout August we are open with a revised timetable.


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