From Age 7 to 18

If you’re looking for a dance school that will have a positive impact on your child/teen and build their confidence, then we are the school for you. We purposely have small group classes (Max 15 pupils), as we believe every pupil should have the quality attention they deserve.

As an extremely shy and nervous child myself; clinging to my Mum’s legs and struggling in social situations, I can’t believe how dance classes changed my life and improved my self-confidence.
My Mum tells me that as a child, I wouldn’t speak to adults, other children or even family members. Now, I stand in front of dance classes, theatre companies and can hold my own in any social situation. I have DANCE to thank for that.

Our qualified teachers are passionate and dedicated to building your child’s confidence through positive encouragement, which in turn builds your child’s self-esteem and helps them to shine.

For older pupils that show a true passion and dedication for dance, we offer a student package. This includes the opportunity to assist in the younger classes, where they will learn valuable skills in team leadership and organisation. Should they wish to progress to a professional level we can train them in preparation for Theatre college, as well as coach them for Teaching Qualifications.

What we offer:

Theatre Dance Class includes Ballet, Tap & SPT :

Ballet is the key foundation for all styles of dance and is encouraged to all students.

Based on the IDTA syllabus this technical and disciplined genre will teach your child how to express themselves though this classical and graceful art form. Both girls and boys benefit from this exciting and fulfilling genre by improving their posture, strength, flexibility and most importantly their confidence.

Pointe Work is introduced to the students who progress to the senior levels (at the teachers discretion) and for those who wish to further their dance education, students may continue their professional training here at DDTA.

For children aged 3 and above.

Tap is an iconic style that has been popularised through the classic movie musicals such as; Singing in the Rain, 42nd St and the more modern shows such as Stomp and Tap Dogs.

This technical class is based on the renewed IDTA syllabus which introduces basic rhythm, syncopation and progresses to steps such as Pick Ups, Wings and Timesteps. Tap helps to develop musicality, rhythm and balance with a fun and exciting approach.

For children aged 3 and above.

Stage Performance Technique (SPT) class has been devised to encourage a confident show performer by combining the key elements of Modern Jazz, Contemporary and Theatre Craft styles alongside audition and performance technique.

This class includes learning the basics of stage dance ie; turns, kicks, leaps, elevation and presentation to further develop their individual dance artistry. As the levels progress, students will be introduced to the use of props (such as hats, canes, feather fans) and will also be trained in the art of dancing in heels. This fun based class will incorporate varied styles such as commercial, musical theatre, lyrical and many more.

For children aged 7 plus.


Based on the Acrobatic Arts syllabus your child will learn the skills of how to perform Tricks and Tumbles in a safe environment. This class includes exercises to improve flexibility, core strength and how to ‘Flip’ from one side of the room to the other, as well as incorporating dance technique. So if your child is forever performing ‘arm chair’ gymnastics then this is the class for them!!

AcroDance classes are the perfect addition to the other core subjects; if your child wants to dance professionally, then flexibility and ‘tricks’ are essential to add to their performance skills. In the professional dance world, this is known as a ‘quadruple’ threat.

For children aged 4 and above.

Lyrical Dance:

Lyrical is a mixture of Ballet, Jazz and Acro techniques incorporating illustration of song lyrics, emotive expressions and movements. The use of the floor brings another dimension to the style and further encourages free expression.

For children aged 6 and above.


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