Adult Dance Classes

Complete Beginner? Or maybe you danced before and would like to get back to doing something you loved? Take a look below to see what we offer and why not book yourself a FREE trial class?

We offer Adult classes from Beginner to Advanced ……..

We believe it’s never too late to learn to dance and now is the perfect time to start.

No need to wear Lycra, No Judgement, Just Great Fun!

Have you danced before either as a child or young adult? Maybe you lost your passion for dance or life just got in the way – it’s never too late to get back into it. Go on why not re-light that spark?


Suitable for any age or size, you will learn the basics of this beautiful and artistic style of dance.

Ballet helps to improve posture, core stability and help you feel relaxed and more focused. It also helps you with flexibility and to generally move freer and easier in your day to day life.

We have various level of Ballet classes from beginners to more advanced, whether you’re aged 25 or 50 plus.

From barre work to allegro, this social class will help you get that passion back for Ballet. No pointe shoes or tutus to be seen – but lots of fun to be had.


This is a great social class where you will learn the basics of Tap Dance, including rhythm, syncopation and in time the use of hats or maybe canes. Who says you can’t dance like Fred & Ginger? We’ll show you how…..

We have various levels of classes available for those who have danced previously

Inter Level

Based on grades 2 to 4 from Timesteps to pick-ups – this social class will improve your tap technique, including how to dance with the use of hats or canes, all whilst having a great time. We also use varied styles music from Swing to Chart music.


Based on the higher grades to advanced, from Pick-up changes to Wing Timesteps – this social class will challenge your rhythm and stamina. We work hard and we work fast! We use varied music styles from 42nd Street to Bruno Mars – you love it!

So dust off those tap shoes and let’s get tapping…

Social Jazz Dance

Perfect for those of you who just want to learn to dance and have a good time. Or maybe you have a wedding coming up and would love to get up on the dance floor but you just don’t have the confidence. We can show how…..

Using various styles of music from the classic Disco tracks to the musical Chicago, you’ll learn exactly how ‘strut’ your stuff on the dance floor.

PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique)

This class uses the fitness balls to improve core strength and ballet technique, great on its own or used to compliment your current ballet class.


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